Weeks Family History
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Those dear to God want nothing.
Jacob Weeks (1806), a laborer in Williamsburg, New York, is the earliest of the clan found to date. He raised three sons with wife Christiana. She was the Jailer of the Williamsburg Jail with son John for some time.

The life of son Ezra is unknown. We do know that he married Jane Halpern about 1860, an Irish immigrant. They had John, my great-grandfather.

John left New York and worked at resorts in the midwest. He met Marian Seal at Spirit Lake, Iowa. They married in Chicago, Illinois. They had two sons; John and Charles. In 1904 they picked up everything and hopped on the train to California.

My grandfather John married Helen Ramsay of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was the daughter of Hugh Ramsay and Anastasia Runyon. Anastasia had roots in the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.
The McAlears were Irish. The earliest known to us is Charles, who owned a farm in Dawn, Missouri with wife Margaret Stagner. They had four sons and four daughters. Charles was a Farmer, Postmaster, and a member of the Militia. He provided lodging and horses to the James Gang at least once.

Albert, my great-grandfather, married Mary Martin, and they left Missouri with sons James and Albert, moving to San Diego, California about 1912. Albert was a carpenter.

James left San Diego for Las Vegas, New Mexico where he took a job as a Telegrapher for the AT&SF Railroad. It was there he met and married my grand-mother Eva Marsh in 1924. They had daughters Marian, my mother, and Margaret. James had a full career with the Bell Telephone Company. He held positions as a Line Superintendent and as an Executive. He was a member of the Telephone Pioneers.

This family eventually worked their way to Glendale, California. My father John served in WW II. After the war he worked as a plumber, estimator, and finally partner in the company he worked for. My mother and father met in Glendale, married in 1946, and had three sons.
I am the family historian for my little piece of the Weeks Family. I am retired and have all the time I need to improve on my research. I really need more information on Jacob Weeks. Who were his parents and where was he born? When did he die and where is he buried? "Jacob Weeks" was a very common name in New York in the 1800's.

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